Insist On Love

“Insist On Love:” Short, easy to remember and simple.

We as Americans, and also people around the world have more in common than not. Many of us have come to realize that we are really one with each other and everything and that what we do to another we do to ourselves.

We need a way to find agreement using a fresh energy and focus.  We need to come together in a way that energetically supports what we want, rather than what we don’t want.  We need to break away from old labels or in some way give the old names a fresh face and new focus. We need to create a culture of change that unites us. When things are framed from the heart, we find considerable agreement.

Looking towards 2018 elections and beyond, we need to focus on the individuals that are running to represent us and ask them to hold themselves to a higher standard than is currently being demonstrated. We need a way to unite people now, since starting a new party will take years.

Insist On Love is a way to bind people with common purpose while still operating within the traditional political labels.

The Insist On Love movement encompasses all parties, from progressive to conservative, democratic and republican, independent and undeclared.  We hold compassion and love in our hearts for all humanity because we know we are connected to everyone and everything. We make our decisions consciously and intentionally, including our political decisions, using our hearts and our understanding of our connectedness to everything to guide us.

By joining the Insist On Love movement, you are pledging to do your best to live intentionally from your heart. You are also declaring that you want your elected representatives to work on behalf of the good of all and to Insist on Love in all legislation.

“To be love, to be an active and useful source of Infinite Love and peace, we must take inspired action. To be a lover of all is to find a fourth way beyond fight, flight, and freeze to respond to our challenges. We must evolve our response to injustice so that we end injustice without being unjust in the process. We must recognize that the appearance of evil is merely that, an appearance and that in truth what we are seeing manifested is fear and a lack of love, nothing more. We must disarm the fear without resorting to arms. For love to find its way home, we must engage in a careful, thoughtful and rigorous pursuit of justice, reconciliation, and restoration. Rather than fight, flight, and freeze the fourth way is forgiveness, love, and compassion.”

~ Lynda Lamp