How Do We Love The Rotten Apples?


It seems we are surrounded by rotten apples these days, doesn’t it? Some of the most rotten apples are running the United States at the moment, and it’s sickening. How do we love these rotten apples? How can it be possible? What is “unconditional” or “infinite” love? How do we like, much less love the corrupt politicians? How do we love people who are talking about taking our services away or cutting them severely? Or at a different level, how do we unconditionally love the murders or rapists? Or the abusive spouses or belligerent children? Or any myriad of unpleasant, rotten apples that make up humanity?

Many people’s lives contain what they may see as lots of “rotten apples” who make the notion of unconditional love an impossible concept. I understand these feelings. I also understand that once one acquires the knowledge that everything is in perfect divine order, regardless of appearances, love flows smoothly and quickly.

You see, this world you observe around you is all an illusion. Everything you see, everything you can touch, everything in this 3rd dimension, is an illusion. Consider this: everything is more space than matter, everything is moving, everything is made up of the same “stuff.” That “same stuff” is thinking “matter.” The forms you see, the shapes, are held together and given form through thought, and nothing more, because when you put any of it under the strongest microscope we have, it all looks the same. It all looks the same because it all is the same!

If everything is created from the same stuff, then what’s not to love?

If everything forms from the same thinking formless thing, then we are one with that thing, and all that is. The idea that you are in some way separate from me is a confusing illusion. It looks as if we are separate, but in fact, the matrix includes us and everyone else. There is no separation among anyone or anything. Everything is connected. Everything is touching.

I know this will bring up significant resistance for many of you.  Likely most of you who are reading this. Bear with me please because if you can get through this, you will see everything in a new light, which will ultimately bring you peace! We all want peace, don’t we?

Your impulse is to refuse to see yourself as connected to people like 45 or members of his family or his inner circle. You are certainly entitled to feel this way, and I completely understand that response.  They are despicable aren’t they; they certainly appear that way.

What I can say though, is that for as long as you resist your oneness, you remain in denial and will be unable to have an energetic impact on your experience. You will continue to be a victim of the forces, energies, and people around you. Only when you move past these appearances, do you find peace.

To love the rotten apples you must first love yourself. To actually love yourself means you will embody the wonder of your being. You’ll realize you are a divine creation and that the talent and force of nature empower you! We all come from the One Great Mind from which all things come into being.

When we fall into the trap of seeing ourselves as separate, we further descend into the trap of thinking of ourselves as in some way special or better than others. When we do this, we further divide us, so when we then need to negotiate or get along with others, it becomes complicated and challenging.

We are surrounded in the world and especially in America with people who believe themselves to be separate, superior or in some way more deserving of the riches of life than others.  There is in America, this family who has somehow, with the help of a foreign government and power managed to hijack our Nation.

By any rational observation, these people are scoundrels and traitors. They are treasonous oligarchs running a kleptocracy. And here I am suggesting we should love them all.

It’s laughable, isn’t it? You likely think you should call the men in the white coats and have them take me away, eh? Not so fast! Remember, as they are taking me away, they would be in some way also be taking you away.

You see when you shift your focus away from this 3rd-dimensional reality and instead move your focus to the “grid” or the “matrix” that connects us all, what you will see is a different picture.

Instead of the battle that we think we see, between “good” and “evil”  what we discover is happening is a mysterious co-creation of energies being played out. Once you tune into your part and hand in the co-creation, you find a whole new world exists.

So, we love the rotten apples by realizing that there are no rotten apples.  Instead what we have are people who are sound asleep to the whole of life. They are caught up in the separation of the 3rd dimension, and they think that money and the power it brings is the be all end all. They believe that their power resides in the manipulation of this 3rd dimension. They could not be more mistaken.

If the energy of love is the power of creation, then anything that is not loving is nothing more than a lack of love. Without love, creation can not occur, so these folks turn to competition and egoic ventures so that they may feel their power, instead of using the innate power within them to create their lives. Or in the case of rapists or murders, they see themselves as separate and superior from their victims, and they act out their feelings with no regard to who they harm. They are completely oblivious as to their connection to everything, or to their divinity.

Asking you to love these people is a tall order, so let’s not start with that. As said, the tall order really starts with yourself and self-love will likely take some time to master.

But in the meantime, as a way to cope, may I suggest we use the tool of compassion?  Compassion is a sense of sympathetic consciousness of another’s distress combined with a desire to alleviate their suffering.

You’re probably thinking “well, they’re not distressed, they’re just rotten people.” While they do appear rotten, why is that? It’s because they don’t realize that they are one with everything.  They don’t see their divinity. They don’t see their connection to the All That Is. They don’t know.

But you do. Now, doesn’t that tug at your heart strings?  We aren’t enemies, we’re brothers and sisters. We come from one great parent, the One Love, the love of the Universe. The love of Source.

So the next time you find yourself feeling unloving towards anyone, take a moment to give yourself compassion for forgetting your connection to them. Then, silently give them compassion for not knowing the same.

It’s  a place to start.  Pay attention to how you feel as you practice this new approach.  Share your experiences here so we can compare notes and learn from each other.

Loving the rotten apples may seem like an unclimbable mountain, but remember, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Don’t forget to #InsistOnLove first from yourself and then ask others to join you.

Thanks for reading!

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