How Do We Love Our Civic Duty?

When we study the fall out from our last election, what you discover is that if there american-statue_GyjODKr__Lhad been an imaginary candidate called “I Didn’t Vote” they would have won with 44.37% of the vote! We are living with the results of just 55% of the eligible voters casting a vote, which was split not quite three ways. Neither of the major candidates received more than 30% of the vote. Third party candidates really did help skew the votes so there would be no true winner.  Brilliant Maps is an excellent resource!

Only 8 states + Washington DC, had high enough voter turnouts where one of the actual candidates won more votes than people who did not bother to vote. Iowa and Wisconsin for Trump and Colorado, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Hampshire and DC for Clinton.

While there are a lot of contributing factors, apathy is one primary reason we find ourselves where we are today in America.  While we have been asleep on the couch, or just merrily ignoring our civic responsibility, devious and purposeful self-serving people have infiltrated our government, our media, and our politics. For the last 30 years, the Koch Brothers and their cohorts have been slowly spreading their far-right alt-right agenda by infiltrating the nooks and crannies of our country. Between the dumbing down of our population through reduced education funding and the promulgation of alt-right propaganda, a mass of our society has been brainwashed. american-election-map-of-usa_zJMqkDUO_L

One of the greatest failings of our school system is a thorough teaching of our civic responsibility. People do not have a good understanding of our Country or our Constitution. Without that knowledge, many people could not see what is currently happening to our democracy coming. The similarities between what we are living through and what went on during pre-Nazi Germany are frightening.

What do we do? What is the correct, heart-based action to take? How do we cope with the perceived “threat” to our democracy we are now living under? We are light emissaries, we are the beacons of infinite and unconditional love. We are divinity in physical form. How do we hold the light during these troubled times? How do we encourage people to participate in their civic duty from their hearts?

First of all, we can’t make anyone do anything. We can’t make people care about politics or government. We can’t make them study candidates. We can’t make them vote. We can figure they won’t do anything until things get so bad that they have to. That could be some years in the future.

We can, however, make sure we are engaged with our civic responsibility. We can american-patriot-drummer-with-flag_zJzlW_UO_Lmake sure we are doing all that we can to be educated about current events. Even if you don’t find it pleasant, now is the time to take the responsibility more seriously than your pleasure. By engaging ourselves, we model to others and perhaps they will become engaged themselves. The future of our freedoms depends on this. We can share our pride in our participation, and we can take the time to educate others whenever there is an interest or openness. We can campaign for increased voter participation.

The Founding Fathers and members of the original colonies didn’t sit around watching T.V. or playing games at night.  They worked, and they slept. They were making a new world, they didn’t have time to relax too much.  It would be good for us to adopt this same notion. We have work to do. A lot of work, if we plan on saving our democracy.

As we undertake this work, there is an important concept in life that is critical to understand.  It has to do with energy.  Unfortunately, this concept is not taught as a matter of course in life. Therefore many people don’t know how life works.

Everything is energy, and everything is divinity in expression. It is divinity that gives matter its energy! Energy requires flow, and all flow is a result of divinity because that is in fact what animates the energy.

So when we resist something, what we are doing in the simplest terms, is rejecting divinity. What is necessary, if we are to allow divinity its rightful expression, is to surrender to whatever ‘is.”

This will seem like a tall order, perhaps an insurmountable task. Do not let that worry you at the moment. Instead, let us focus very specifically on one aspect of life today in America that you may be having a difficult time with.

If you are being challenged in any way by the current Administration, POTUS or your representation, you are likely feeling the impulse to resist current happenings.  The fundamental problem with this mindset is that what we resist, persists.  The more we give our attention to what we don’t want, the more we create exactly that, more of what we don’t want.  We are creative beings and when we focus our attention on something with purpose we enter creation mode. We don’t even realize it most of the time.

Don’t let this overwhelm you. Stay focused on the political aspect at this moment to not get distracted.

Engaging with your civic duty from a place of “resistance,” as is the modern movement, is fundamentally at cross purposes with the desired outcome.

The key is to focus our energy on what we DO want!

By focusing on what we want to create, on what we want our Country to look like, on how we want people to be treated, on how we want our politics to work, how we want our government to work, we set about creating what we want. When we focus on what we don’t want, we are inadvertently creating more of what we don’t want.

So, as you engage in your newly energetic approach to your civic duty, remember to stay focused in a positive way on what you want, and create that.  There may be a lot to look at along the way regarding what is wrong but don’t get caught up focusing on that. Stay focused on what you want. Create that. Don’t worry about the appearances of all that appear awful. It’s not for you to worry about those things. All you need to do is focus on yourself and what you are doing. It’s not your business to worry about all these other things, except as they pertain directly to you.

So each day, just do the best you can to be the best you, you can be.

Insist on Love, first from yourself for yourself, then from yourself towards others.

As always, thanks for reading!




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