Navigating Mindblowing News


If you are living in America at this moment, you are likely aware of the political and governmental roller coaster our country is on. Every day there seems to be some new crisis or embarrassment. Just this morning there was a tweetstorm of unmitigated proportion. [I considered not being specific “today” but then I figured any day of this Administration this will likely be true, so I left it.]  These news events have spanned numerous topics, from the health care debate to North Korea launching intercontinental ballistic missiles aimed at the United States, from the POTUS turning the Boy Scouts into Brown Shirts to staff upsets at the White House.

The past few weeks are ones for the record books. If you need a reminder of some of what on, I wrote an article about some recent events on Eat Pray Vote. That’s a good place to start.  But my point here is not about what went on, so much as how do we deal with what went on and with what is continuing.

Beginning some time last year, (I’m not citing any specific date since we may all disagree as to when this nightmare started), we have been asked to navigate what can only be called mind-numbing news. It will depend on your individual view point as to if this news was “good” or “bad” but both sides will likely agree to its aberrant nature.  After months, perhaps more than a year, many will agree that the news has become something we dread.  People are talking about not wanting to get up in the morning for fear of what will have happened overnight. Others may be leaping out of bed with glee to see what mayhem may have ensued while they slept. With a POTUS that tweets things at all hours of the day and night, many people can’t rest.

For a vast majority of the nation, we now find ourselves in unchartered waters with a narcissistic megalomaniac at the helm. I won’t speak to what it looks like to the minority. I can’t. For they are caught up in some kind of propaganda fed fantasy, created by the Koch Brothers and aided and abetted by Putin and the fascist white-supremacists that reside, misplaced, within our country and now, within our White House and their Administration. I say “misplaced” because this is the land of freedom and equality and these people are hell bent on removing our freedoms and chaining us within their far-right, alt-facts, and fake news ideology. The strength of our institutions is being tested. Some of them are failing. Picture the little Dutch boy holding back the leaky dike. Is it only a matter of time before it all comes crashing down?

So, what do we do???? If you are an enlightened human being, a light worker or heart-based human these times may be challenging you in ways you are not prepared. The dualities of right and wrong, good and evil, light and dark, honest and dishonest, pure and unpure, fair and corrupt are bombarding us seemingly twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Are you trying to hold the light? Are you chanting “we are all one,” but not feeling it?? Does the path to peace and harmony seem so elusive it’s tempting to forget about it and throw in the towel? Have you had to unfriend people on Facebook, or block them on Twitter? Do these actions torture you because you feel as if you should be able to be the bigger person but you find can’t be?

Don’t despair! These are trying times, and the road we are on is littered with the spirits of our sisters and brothers who have walked these paths before us and have lost their way. That’s why we are here, to walk the path to heaven on earth and show others how it is done.  It’s the only purpose any of us have, ultimately. It’s the only purpose we’ve ever had.

When you look around and take in what you see, remember this: we are all one, in spite of and regardless of appearances. Think of all the people who have died before us spreading this message of love. Their spirits are walking with us. Get your strength from them; they are here to help. Call on them and your spirit guides, and your angels if you believe in them. Urge them to help you find love within yourself for yourself and for others.

Until we can look at the news, at the daily events that surround us, with love in our hearts instead of judgment, we will suffer. Until we can know that we are one with all, we will suffer. When we find the love within ourselves the rest of the world will heal, until then, we will suffer. Until we can recognize the divinity of all, we will suffer.

But I guarantee you this.  When you can look upon those around you and love them, in spite of themselves, in spite of what they are creating, in spite of what they are doing, then, and only then will we be on the right path, sailing to heaven on earth and the peace it provides. When we realize that we as humans have no right to judge anyone else, we will suffer.

So, as difficult as it may seem, look at everyone with love.  If you have a difficult time with that, then just focus on cultivating self-love, Look at yourself with love especially love for your inability to love others.

Yes, you heard me correctly. Just focusing the correct way on your challenge will help you achieve the challenge. As you attempt to love the challenging people, you see in politics or around you, cultivate a love for yourself and what you find yourself resisting.  Allow your resistance and give yourself compassion for it and it will eventually evaporate. The time will come when you have the transformative experience of embodiment. This may take work but it is possible, and it is the work of enlightenment so much to be gained from it.

I remember this incredible trick I learned from one of my psychology professors in college.  He suggested if you have a headache, instead of ignoring the problem, to go into it.  Start with a series of questions about a headache. Where is it? How big is it (will it fit in a bread box, for example?) What color is it? What temperature is it? Does it have a smell? Etc. Add any other questions you can think of that might have meaning for you.  Then, cycle back and start the series over.  Where is it? How big is it? Etc., etc.

What I discovered is that as I cycled through the questions, the headache would get smaller and smaller, the colors would change, etc., and eventually, I would go to look for it and couldn’t find it anymore, and it would be gone.  I wasn’t prone to too many headaches, but it has worked any time I have tried this technique.  Much faster than any pain meds. I can’t promise you it will work for you or every time.

You must remember, what you resist, persists. So this practice is not about resistance, this is about surrender. This is about letting go, accepting and allowing what already is! Everything is divine, everyone is divine. What can there possibly be that upsets us if everything is divine? Do we presume to know better than the One Great Mind?

No, of course not.

Our upset comes from our resistance to what is; but when we surrender to what is, the only thing that’s left is love. For love is the creative force of the Universe. Nothing else actually exists. Anything that is not love is merely that: a lack of love.

It’s really that simple. The only thing that’s truly “real” is the One Great Mind, and the One Great Mind is love. Outside of that, everything is an illusion.

So, take my hand and step into the place of Oneness. Walk with me down the path to The Field Rumi speaks of.

Excerpt from Soul, Heart, and Body One Morning

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing,
there is a field. I’ll meet you there.

When the soul lies down in that grass,
the world is too full to talk about.

Ideas, language, even the phrase each other
doesn’t make any sense.

from Rumi: The Book of Love: Poems of Ecstasy and Longing
by Jalal al-Din Rumi
translated by Coleman Barks

We are one. When you are able to find that place within yourself where you in the place of oneness with all that is, you will have merged with the All That Is. When you touch the All That IS you embody the One Great Mind and become the All That IS. From this place, miracles are possible.

We are in the position of needing miracles. As many miracles as possible, to bring love back, to make love the way of the world, to have as many embodied beings walking the earth as we can to spread the message of love. These are the miracles we need right now.

Come, take my hand, walk with me. Be love. Be forgiveness. Be Compassion. Remember the Divinity in all things and beings. Become an evolved human who has grown beyond fight, flight, and freeze, to love, compassion and forgiveness.

Insist on love, #InsistOnLove first for yourself, then from yourself for others, then from others for themselves, then from others for others. It’s all divine; what’s not to love?

Thank you for reading!






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