Holding Others In Love, Not Sending Love

Today, Ken Stone who is known as the Soul Archeologist©, held a Question and Answer session follow-up to an event he conducted this past weekend called The Resonance Experiment.

The link above takes you to a re-play page, I don’t know how long the link will work, but I highly recommend making time to watch the video and listen to the two audio recordings you find there. As soon as possible since there is a chance, the page will disappear eventually.

I hope that the recording of the Q & A session will be posted on this page also for during the Q & A session Ken Stone was profound.  At one point during the call, someone brought up the earthquake in Mexico City and asked that the circle of people on the call take time to “sit with the people of Mexico City.” The purpose would be to “send” love to the people of Mexico City at their hour of need.

grunge-love-hearts_XklYPG_LKen’s response to the request was the most enlightened response possible.  He suggested that rather than trying to “send” something outward from ourselves that the very best way we can serve the people of Mexico City (and the world and planet) is to go inward and hold them in love from a place of integration and embodiment.

This response of Ken’s gets at the heart of the matter.  Everything is an illusion.  This physical world that we see is a construct that enables us to experience the imaginings of Original Blessing. To fully experience this opportunity one must turn inward into the unknown.  We are the essence of the divine in physical expression.  Our bodies are the vessels that our spirits inhabit.  And we are one, we are connected to everyone and everything.

We are the essence of the divine in physical expression.  Our bodies are the vessels that our spirits inhabit in our breath.  We animate our vessels with our spirits because our spirits live in our breath. But it’s important to understand that our physical bodies have wiring under which they operate. Those operations sometimes clash with the spiritual work we are doing here.

Our wiring is such that when we are afraid we automatically take in a big breath of air. It is my theory that when we do that, it is the body’s way of trying to hang on to our spirit.  The experience of spirit in our physical form is an uncomfortable one unless we are at peace internally. In addition to the pain that comes from having a physical body that gets wounded, it’s also painful for the spirit to be in most bodies because we don’t process our emotions and we don’t understand our physical forms.  We bring much pain upon ourselves through suppressed emotions in addition to the pain the things we eat and drink bring us.

Our spirits are ethereal, and they live in the air, in our breath. They are “coded” to us or imprinted with our physical form so, in all but the most extraordinary situations, your spirit is always around. If not embodied within you and your breath, then hovering around you, threaded into your breath but not anchored into your hips as it would be when fully integrated.

Until your spirit is anchored into your root chakra, and in my opinion, integrated into your entire chakra energy system you cannot be of full service to yourself or humanity.  You may think that sounds harsh, but I do not mean it in that way nor do I mean that you can’t do the other things you think you want or need to do. What I mean is that until you are fully embodied and your spirit anchored and your energy system tuned, you are not operating at your full potential. You are a divine being. You are Original Blessing in physical form.  There is no reason for you to suffer in any way. There is no reason your life need be difficult

If you are in physical pain it is a sign from your body there is something wrong. Our typical solution is to go to a see a doctor, and chances are the solution they offer is to give you a pill. Your body is a fine and well-designed model. Except for our appendix and tonsils, few things fail us of their own accord. Our teeth, which seem to rot quickly in the modern world lasted a lot longer when we don’t eat processed foods or sugars.

We are being called to our spiritual work to love ourselves first, to take care of our physical forms and to embody our spirits.  My book, Volume I of Walking Through Your Walls will help you with the concepts of the illusion of life, the lack of time and other concepts that are fundamental to understanding life and your purpose here. I lay the foundations for self-love, and forthcoming volumes will go into that process in great depth. I will also be releasing a detailed book on your chakra system in the late fall of 2017.

Ken’s work and his Ignighting Resonance class is a wonderful way to start or continue a practice of soul embodiment.

If you are a healer who is experiencing physical challenges yourself, I am hosting Heal The Healer workshops on Sunday afternoons (Noon Pacific Time). Message me for details.

Do yourself the favor of making self-love, self-acceptance, and self-compassion the focus of your life so that you can step into the shoes your Spirit came here to walk in. I don’t mean that you are to walk away from anything in your existing life (although when you awaken you may discover those things happening.)  You can, within what you are already doing embrace the assignment of self-love, self-acceptance, and self-compassion. If you need help remembering or reminders to focus, use 3×5 cards or write on the back of your business cards and tape them up around your house, car, office. Don’t worry about what others will think. Do what you need to do for you. Tell them you are: “Becoming the best you, you can be; you are working to fulfill your spirit’s purpose on Earth.” 

What can anyone say to that, but “Wow! That’s great!”

You can do this. You are divine. The Universe is supporting you. Invite your spirit home. Step into your power. Embody your spirit and walk the path of Divine Blessing.




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